Brain Games for Bansko Nomads

Boost your memory and creativity by 40% in just two hours of fun!


Bansko nomads who want more free time for riding and favorite activities.


Upgrade your work productivity, approach challenges more creatively and concentrated with 3 simple approaches.

Do you know that...

  • There is a method recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1978 declared in an official report as "the most innovative learning system". Its creator is Prof. Dr Georgi Lozanov.


  • Suggestopedia introduces a new type of "learning without learning" culture without fatigue, without burnout - many times more productive and pleasant. Times, not percentages.


  • There are 3 types of psychological barriers and one way to overcome them.


The event is free. There are 20 seats. It starts at 4 pm on 3.07 (Monday) at White Lavina.


  • Measuring the level of memory and creativity (10m)
  • The Sugestopedia method and Dr Georgi Lozanov (10m)
  • Causes of the burnout problem (5m)
  • Approaches to "psychorelaxive concentration" (5m)
  • Boost memory and creativity by 40% through four fun games (40m)
  • Access to brain-friendly resources (5m)
  • Personal Brain Dev Plan (5m)
  • Suggestopedic training Meta Reading (5m)
  • Brain Building Program (5m)
  • Questions and answers (30m)

How to "Use your brain and follow your heart" with Meta Reading?

Increase your reading pace and comprehension of complex technical and business literature. Stop going back to rereading (regression) and sub-vocalising every word in your mind.

Apply the mnemonics of world champions (self-expanding matrix) – memorize 80 out of 100 elements form a material/project in less than half an hour.

Unlock your brain’s reserve capacities and generate 3 to 5 times more creative solutions through „image streaming“.

Develop sensitivity when your brain is burning out and discover how to overcome work and personal challenges with ease.


Dimitar Karamanchev

Author of the method Meta Reading. Co-founder of the entrepreneurship club Start It Smart. 

Trained personally by the inventor of the suggestopedia method Prof. Dr Georgi Lozanov in 2012.

Conducted over 200 Meta Reading courses with more than 2,000 students and averaged a 300% increase in performance.

The event is free. There are 20 seats. It starts at 4 pm on 03.07 (Monday) at White Lavina. Book your spot now: